Summer Camp Villa Fassini

Who is the "Atlantia4Ukraine" Summer Camp aimed at?

The Summer Camp is an initiative set up to support the Ukrainian refugee community in and around Rome, which has arisen as a result of the escalating war.

The project is aimed at providing a recreational space in a relaxing environment to support Ukrainian families who have had to leave their country due to the conflict.

Can children of any age group participate?

Yes, children of all ages are welcome. However, the recreational activities have been designed for children between 4 and 14 years of age.

What are the registration procedures?

You will be asked to pre-register at https://atlantia4ukraine.atlantia.com/, by filling in your personal details, the number of children you intend to register and your preferred weeks for participation. You will then receive a confirmation email informing you of the outcome of your registration, together with additional instructions.

How can I get to Villa Fassini?

Participants are invited to travel to Villa Fassini independently and/or by public transport.

Visit https://atlantia4ukraine.atlantia.com/ to get all the public transport information you need to reach Villa Fassini from Rome Tiburtina and Rome Termini stations.

Alternatively, a free transport service will be provided from Rome Tiburtina station to Villa Fassina for the duration of the Summer Camp.

What is a typical day at the Summer Camp like?

The project offers recreational activities, sports, yoga, Italian language courses, counselling and a multimedia classroom available to all participants on a rotating basis.

All the activities will take place on weekdays (Monday - Friday) approximately from 9am to 5pm, with lunch provided free of charge.

How can I notify any intolerances/allergies?

Any intolerances and allergies should be promptly reported to e-mail address joyforukraine@sportsenzafrontiere.it

In order to participate in recreational activities and sports, do children need to bring equipment, and if so what kind, or will it be provided by the organisers?

Week by week, information about any additional equipment and materials to be brought in from outside will be directly provided to the families and/or children concerned by the project organisers and educators.

If I am assigned a week that is different from my preferred week and my family is unable to attend, how can I cancel?

Any cancellations should be promptly notified to e-mail address joyforukraine@sportsenzafrontiere.it

How can I change the assigned week for another one?

Please promptly inform us at e-mail address joyforukraine@sportsenzafrontiere.it

. We will do our utmost to meet your request, depending on the number of participants

Where can I find more information?

Visit https://atlantia4ukraine.atlantia.com/, which is constantly being updated with information about the project and the Summer Camp.